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We will be focusing on how to tell stories through improv. Together we will explore the establishment of characters and storylines that have a beginning, middle, and end. As a group, we will learn the art of "raising the stakes" and saying, "yes and..." to create exciting and original narratives.Very interactive and teaches vulnerability and trust. 


Character Building:

During this course of Character Building, we will start from the ground level of creating characters. We will highlight the importance of becoming characters and learning to fully commit to being a chosen character. We will discover the simplicity of establishing intention and purpose within a scene and find ways to relate to other characters. We will then explore giving voice, perspective, and life to characters to find away from the beginning to the end of a scene.

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about The tribe

Improv for the community!

Tribe University wants to empower their members with social skills by training them in public speaking.

Using improv basics, Tribe U equips its members with quick-thinking and problem-solving skills. 




Robert E. Coppage III is from Wyandotte County. He is prolific in storytelling and improvisation. Throughout his career, he has worked with the American Immersion Theatre, Murder Mystery Train, and Comedy City as an improviser. He has had the pleasure of teaching improv to the students of the Gift of Drama Summer program, Kansas Jr. Thespian Festival, Drama Time theatre program, and started an improv class, Tribe University. His teaching style is immersive and vulnerable. He is ready to have fun!


"I really love this program. Its a complete way of being present, an ultimate high of creativity, letting go of self-judgement and just complete faith and self trust to the moment."

"Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into Tribe U. Improv class was the best personal investment. I felt my creativity awaken and flow again. Always look forward to coming to class and playing. Looking forward to the continued growth and development that will come from this experience."

"Great job! Thank you for sharing your expertise with our class! I truly enjoyed every fun lesson taught! It just felt like we were playing and having fun while producing great art! I would highly recommend this class to anyone."


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